FIFE COUNCIL are set to carry out regular patrols in Dunfermline after syringes were found "littered" in the town.

Fears have been raised over children's safety after the needles were found in the Walmer Drive car park.

A Press reader highlighted the issue this week, stating: "The car park is being used by addicts and is littered with syringes.

"I think that is highly dangerous for the public, especially children."

The Press previously reported in late 2017 that more than 50 discarded syringes were discovered at the old council buildings.

The authority carried out a thorough clean-up and put up fencing in a bid to prevent access to the disused properties but the problem has now resurfaced in the car park.

Dawn Jamieson, team manager, said: “Safer communities officers are now aware of the issue of discarded needles in this area and will begin making regular patrols to monitor this and report any incidents to the police.

"We urge people to report any discarded needles by calling Fife Council's Contact Centre on 03452 555555 who will provide advice."

Inspector Ian Flynn, from Dunfermline Police Station, said a number of syringes were found on Friday evening last week.

He said: "We can confirm that we received a report of discarded syringes in Walmer Drive during the evening of Friday, June 28.

"Environmental officers from Fife Council were also contacted to safely dispose of these items and we will continue to work alongside our local authority partners to address this matter and ensure the safety of the public."

Volteface, the advocacy organisation which seeks to reduce the harm drugs pose to individuals and society, have issued warnings about coming into contact with any drug-related litter, such as needles and syringes. Doing so can result in people acquiring needlestick injuries which could transfer infection diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

It is hoped that the old council buildings on Walmer Drive won't be lying empty for much longer.

There are plans to spend £3.3 million on creating 27 new "high-quality" apartments on the street.

Two Knights Developments, based in Dalgety Bay, want to convert the old Fife Council buildings into nine homes and build a new five-storey block with a further 18 homes next to it.

Agents for the firm said that, if their plans were approved, they could start work on the site later this year.