TWO Dunfermline neighbours ended up fighting in the street on New Year’s Day with one of them sustaining a broken jaw.

Two brothers had been out at a party with friends until around 8.30am but the celebrations turned to violence.

There was an argument about noise involving Mark West which led to a fight.

The incident resulted in a jury trial at Dunfermline Sheriff Court. After one of the brothers gave evidence, West pleaded guilty to one of five charges he faced.

West, 33, of Wedderburn Crescent, admitted that on January 1, 2018 at Wedderburn Crescent, he shouted, swore, made threats of violence, challenged people to fight and engaged in a fight with the brothers, whereby one of them was injured.

Not guilty pleas were accepted to four other charges West had been facing at the start of the trial, including assault to severe injury.

One of the brothers told the trial that they had been at a Hogmanay party at a pub in Inverkeithing along with some other friends.

He had gone there at about 9.30pm, left the bar at around 1.30am and then had gone to a house party in Inverkeithing.

“It was a brilliant night,” he recalled. “I remember walking up to the house singing."

He admitted he was “tired and really drunk” by the time he left the party at around 8.15am.

His ex-partner was the designated driver in their group and gave them a lift back to Dunfermline.

It was when they got back to outside his home in Wedderburn Crescent that the atmosphere changed.

He was not getting off there as he was going for something to eat but his brother was staying with him at the time and he left the car there.

The two brothers were joking to each other in the street and as one walked up the path, someone shouted at him.

The witness went on: “A guy was saying something like, ‘Keep the noise down, I’ve got a bairn sleeping in there’.

“My brother said: ‘He’s telling me to shut up’. He was annoyed at the aggressive way he was behaving and it was about 8.30 by this time.

“It was getting heated between them and I tried to calm things down.”

He said there was some pushing and then West threw a “fly dig” at his brother.

The witness said he was not clear at the sequence of events after this but he and West were fighting and both “ended up on a fence”.

He also said West struck him with a Buckfast bottle.

The jury was told at the start of the trial that one of the brothers was taken to the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy following the incident. He was found to have a fractured jaw and required surgery to insert a metal plate and screws to the injury.

Sheriff Charles MacNair called for reports, bail was continued and West will be sentenced on August 14.