AS GOOD days go, opening your own wellness centre, meeting the Provost of Fife and enjoying a garden party with the Queen has to be right up there.

And 'bionic woman' Anne Kent, 45, deserved her royal appointment after coming through the pain barrier in order to pursue her "dream".

After battling weight issues, arthritis and chronic disc disease, she became an accredited Cambridge Weight Plan consultant after losing four stones.

However, severe pain in her hips and knees left her practically housebound and, between August 2017 and October 2018, she had all four joints replaced.

Anne laughed: "I'm fully bionic now and I'm doing well.

"It has always been our dream to open a centre that would offer services to people to help improve their wellbeing."

And last Wednesday it came true as Provost Jim Leishman officially opened the 1:1 Wellness Centre at 14 Halbeath Road in Dunfermline before Anne hot-footed it to Holyrood for tea with the Queen.

Husband Peter is also at the heart of the business and she said: "I work there full-time, there's a make-up artist and beauty therapist, and we have a woman from Inspire Fit coming in to do one-to-one sessions too.

"We're a hub of information on other services like reiki, yoga, counselling, osteopathy, Pilates and physio, as people who are overweight often have underlying medical conditions too."

And opening day was all the sweeter after a struggle to get on the operating table.

Anne said: "I had a fight on my hands as NHS Fife said I was too young and would have to have them re-done at a later date.

"At that point I was in a wheelchair and wanted to continue working. I'd been a consultant for about 18 months and wanted to build the business but I was stuck in the house.

"It was a bit of a disaster. In Fife I saw a different specialist each time and wasn't getting anywhere.

"My GP was amazing and said, 'I'm going to keep writing until it gets attention', and eventually I had to ask to be transferred and get taken on as an NHS patient in Edinburgh.

"All along, this was my distraction, picturing having the centre one day and helping people improve their lives."