PLANS for 43 new homes at a timber yard in Crossgates are set to be given the go-ahead.

Fife Council have issued a draft decision notice approving proposals to build on land at 21-31 Dunfermline Road.

Ogilvie Homes, based in Stirling, had submitted plans in October last year and, subject to a legal agreement being reached within three months, they'll get the permission they need.

The new properties will be two storeys in height and consist of 34 three-bedroom and nine four-bedroom homes.

A planning statement on behalf of the firm said: "The redevelopment of the site would see the removal of all buildings associated with the timber merchants and as a result of the level changes and engineering challenges that the site has, there is a requirement to undertake a cut-and-fill exercise on the site."

The site, just over four acres in size, includes John Reid & Sons Timber Yard and an overgrown area of derelict land that's been vacant for around 20 years.

It is to the south of Dunfermline Road and close to Crossgates Primary School, with a bowling green and playpark to the east.

The plans include a parking courtyard, new access road and pedestrian links, drainage, landscaping and open space.

There were four objections with concerns including drainage, contamination, the impact on the school and local services, privacy, access and rats.

A council report said: "The concern relating to the displacement of rats would be dealt with by authorities outwith the planning system, such as Fife Council's environmental health department, should any complaints be received.

"With regards the impact on local facilities such as pubs, post office, shops and library, it is considered that an increasing population would add to the demand for these facilities in the local area and might help making these local facilities more viable."

It said the housing plans "would not cause any detrimental impacts on residential properties" nearby and added: "The proposal would be considered acceptable in terms of its impact on road safety and would provide the necessary transport measures to minimise and manage future levels of traffic generated by the proposal."

As part of the legal agreement, Ogilvie Homes will be asked to agree to pay £6,750 towards affordable housing and £36,420 for transport improvements in the area.