THE chance to scrap Sunday parking charges in Dunfermline has been delayed amid claims that local councillors are being "ignored".

The slow pace of change has been criticised by the Lib Dems' James Calder and Tory Gavin Ellis, who are frustrated that moves to defer the decision to the local committee are stuck in first gear.

It follows our Keep it Free campaign that called on Fife Council to ditch the charges in Dunfermline, which have proved hugely unpopular since they were introduced in January 2017.

Cllr Ellis, who represents Dunfermline North, said: “It’s a good few months now since the Dunfermline Press first brought this issue to light and since a unanimous vote of the Dunfermline area councillors requested devolution of parking to us.

"Now we see at least one part of the administration trying to delay this and since the SNP have seemed supportive maybe they could ask their partners, the Labour group, why this is dragging on.

"Local decisions such as parking should rightfully be made at local level and we expect these decisions taken to be carried out.”

Sunday parking charges, which apply between 1-6pm, have been condemned by angry traders, shoppers and politicians for “killing” business and threatening jobs.

A decision was taken on March 7 to give control of parking to area committees, paving the way for Dunfermline councillors to scrap the Sunday charges.

A question at the full council meeting asked when devolution would happen.

In response, transportation spokesperson Cllr Altany Craik replied: "I am conscious of the desire for devolution of parking charges to the local area committees and a level of frustration in doing this quickly enough.

"The future roll-out of parking charges will progress after evaluation of the Kirkcaldy pilot and while this is less definite than some would like, it is important that we get it right before further roll-outs occur.

"There are limitations on the resources available to roll this out on multiple committee areas.

"Cllr Helen Law, area chair of the City of Dunfermline area committee, reminds me regularly for the roll-out to progress as soon as possible."

Cllr Ellis and Cllr Calder, who represents Dunfermline South, submitted the successful joint motion in March calling for devolution on parking matters.

And Cllr Calder, who submitted the question to the full council, said: “All councillors in Fife Council agreed with our motion that stated that there should be an acceleration of the devolution within the next few months back in March.

"Now, after over three months, the administration are dithering and have only made progress on Kirkcaldy.

"With there being a general agreement amongst Dunfermline councillors that there should be a review of Sunday parking charges locally, right now I worry that local councillors are being ignored.”