A PROJECT to build a new £250,000 multi-use games area (MUGA) in Cairneyhill has been brought back to life.

Plans are on the table to create a new home for youngsters to play sports and games in the village.

Backed by Cairneyhill Community Council, it is hoped the facility will be next to the primary school.

Peter Rippin, project coordinator, said: “After all the upset and distress caused by the fire at Cairneyhill Primary in December 2017, good news looks to be on the horizon for Cairneyhill kids.”

He said that while the initial 5-a-side size pitch was touted at costing £125,000, they aim to instead opt for a 7-a-side pitch and floodlights – similar to that in North Queensferry – at an estimated cost of £250,000.

Around £125,000 has been committed to the plans so far. The Press reported in 2017 that Avant Homes, developers of the Pitdinnie Farm estate, had pledged £90,000 towards the cost of the MUGA with £35,000 from the South West Fife area committee.

Support is now being sought from Fife Council before a planning application can be submitted.

Chris Smith, chair of the community council, said: “As far as we are concerned it would be a great outcome for the village but also for Fife education who would see the pupils being able to safely access a fantastic sports facility which they would not need to pay a penny to put in place and which the local community would manage and care for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance as the community would use it outside of school hours as well as during school holidays.

“Once we get education’s formal support then we can progress with a planning application and raising the rest of the money needed as we’d love this to be in place before spring or summer next year.”

Peter added that he expects the MUGA to be a “huge boost” to Cairneyhill should plans progress.

He said: “It would be a good story for the community. Having the community council back has given the village a voice again and the weight of the council is behind this project.

“We’re not asking Fife Council for any money. They won’t need to pay a penny, so I can’t see why they wouldn’t support this.

“It would be a fantastic and safe place for kids to play. They currently have nowhere to go to play sports. It would be accessible to pupils during term-time and that would be great to have for everyone involved.”

Fife Council said talks will start once work is completed on the junior section of the primary school.

Shelagh McLean, head of education service, said: “Our main priority has been to get Cairneyhill pupils into their new school buildings for the start of the new session in August. Understandably the current focus is making sure the buildings themselves provide a great learning environment.

“However, once the pupils are in the new facilities, we’ll be able to have more conversation with the community. There are lots of things to consider with a project of this nature and a number of council teams are involved.”