THERE was a “special delivery” at Forth Hedgehog Hospital with a baby hog brought in a Kellogg’s cereal box by the postman.

He rescued the poor wee soul after spotting her on his rounds in Rosyth and the new arrival has already been christened ‘Crunchie Nut’.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, of Middlebank Street, turned her back garden into Fife’s only hedgehog rescue hospital five years ago and is well-known for giving the little spikey animals a helping hand.

She said: “You can imagine my surprise when I’m greeted at the door by my lovely postie with my post, parcels and a Kellogg’s box with this wee soul in it. She was quite dehydrated, you could see by her loose skin on her belly that she was hungry.

“The postman found her at Cromwell Road and just grabbed the first thing he could find in his van! It was a special delivery!”

Hedgehogs are at the height of their breeding season right now and stay with their mother until five or six weeks old. Nadia said they’re left to fend for themselves very quickly but baby hogs can become separated from mum earlier than they should.

She said the public should keep a keen eye out for the prickly customers and added: “It’s great that we’ve got people that will look out for them. Just after a few days, she has a round belly again. I’ve just had to take food off her because she won’t stop eating! She’ll probably be ready to go in a couple of months.”

Nadia is caring for 38 hedgehogs at the moment – 25 are babies. The hog hospital is funded by donations. If you’d like to help go to