WEST Fifers can sample and learn the art of wine as part of a new training and tasting school in Dalgety Bay.

L’Art Du Vin are extending their business to include first-class training for restaurant staff and for private customers.

Philippe Larue, managing director, told the Press that a significant investment is to be made at their Hillend Industrial Park warehouse.

The school will offer expertise to trade staff – from hotels, bars and restaurants – as well as local people keen to know more about wine and where it comes from.

Philippe said: “We want to have an inviting, friendly space for people to come and learn about wine.

“We want to pass our passion on to others.

“Staff from restaurants we supply will come here to learn and pass their knowledge on to consumers.”

He continued: “Knowledge is everything.

“Restaurants want their staff to explain to customers why ‘this wine goes with this meal’ and where it comes from.

“You want them to be able to tell stories and excite consumers.

“It’s about giving them the best experience. The wine can’t sell itself.

“You need people who can sell it to others. If you aren’t knowledgeable, people will just order the basics.”

L’Art Du Vin, based in Charlestown, currently serves and distributes to customers across Scotland and northern England, and would be ‘very happy’ to have the school running by October or November.

Fife Council approved their plans to change the use of part of their warehouse this month and Philippe hopes the service will prove to be a big success.

He said: “It’s a flexible space that we can do a lot with. It’s modern and inviting.

“It can be tailormade for what is required. We could host team-building exercises too for groups who want to learn more about the amazing product that is wine.”

L’Art Du Vin’s planning application stated that the proposed opening times for the wine school and retail would be 10am to 10pm, from Monday to Saturday.

Philippe added that cooking demonstrations could be provided with wine also available for purchasing at the site.