AN INVERKEITHING man has been banned from driving for the second time in just over two months.

Owen Houston said he was driving his car to a purchaser on the day he was caught without a valid licence.

Houston, 31, of Kinnell Road, previously admitted that on July 2, on various roads, namely Castleandhill Road, Backmarch Road and Davenport Place, being a person disqualified from holding or obtaining a licence to drive a motor vehicle, drove while disqualified and drove without a policy of insurance.

Depute fiscal Alistair McDermott explained to the court that Houston was banned from driving on May 21 for a year.

However, he was seen by police officers driving just a few weeks after.

Defence solicitor Toni Pentecost told the court: "Mr Houston failed to give a breath specimen. He was fined and disqualified for the offence.

"However, as a result of the disqualification, he lost his employment.

"His aunt paid to get his car out of the police compound and for him to take a drink-driver course.

"He was desperate to get rid of the vehicle. It's quite an old car, he struggled to get rid of it or get someone to collect it.

"He was driving from Inverkeithing to Rosyth to a purchaser.

"He accepts that things were difficult and he should have just waited.

"It is somewhat disappointing that he has got to 31 years of age and in the space of a few months, he has accrued these offences.

"Mr Houston is ashamed and embarrassed that he has appeared at the court twice.

"He immediately put his hands up to the police. I think they stopped him because they recognised him, not because there was a difficulty with his driving."

Sheriff Paul Reid imposed a £600 fine and disqualified Houston from driving for one year.