STICKING together off the pitch as well as on it was one of the messages delivered to footballers from Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts recently.

Mental health first aider Eddie Martin delivered a session to the first team and under-20s squads as part of ongoing efforts to look after players' wellbeing.

The club's vice-chairperson, Barry Tillier, said the session had gone very well.

"There have been a lot of young males who have taken their own lives in the West Fife area and it is even more prevalent that we do something as a club," he said. "One of the boys was friends with Connor Law so it had hit him a bit harder.

"It was not just about suicide. It was about anxiety and stress, social media and peer pressure stuff as well. It was only for 45 minutes so he couldn't go into too much detail. It was more awareness and signs to look out for for team-mates and what the club can do to support them.

"The guys got a lot out of it. I said to the boys at the end that although we are a football club, it is more than that. Before the season starts, we have also got a heart screening session for under-14s so that will affect more than just the seniors. It is not just the football. It is about health and mental health wellbeing.

"The way Eddie put it was you are playing as a team on the football pitch and when they leave the football pitch they should still be looking out for their team-mates. As well as doing it with the adults, we are hoping to do something similar with the younger ones at the club as well."

Barry added that the club are also putting on heart screening sessions for all players over the age of 14 as part of their focus on health and wellbeing.