ICONIC images from the punk music era are now on display in Dunfermline after being rediscovered behind a wardrobe.

David Hunter snapped legendary rockers during a seven-month period in 1979, and his photos take centre stage within the Fire Station Creative for the next two weeks.

Featuring the likes of Joy Division's frontman Ian Curtis and Buzzcocks co-founder Pete Shelley, the original shots in 'Seven Months in 79' are as rare as they come.

Incredibly, the negatives lay hidden for 38 years as David explains: "I took my camera along to some of the gigs I attended, starting with Eddie and the Hot Rods, finishing with the Buzzcocks/Joy Division gig at Manchester Apollo.

"I went to a lot of gigs and didn’t always take my camera but these images are from the more New Wave bands that were emerging or already famous at the time.

"I found the thin negatives difficult to print at the time, everything was done by guesswork. There was a mixture of under- and over-exposed film and I never knew the quality of what I had captured until after it was developed.

"So, I put the negatives away and more or less forgot about them.

"I rediscovered those negatives in late 2017 when I was looking behind a wardrobe in my house. I dug out a film scanner and found that newer technology could achieve what my early darkroom skills couldn’t. Then a friend suggested that I display them publicly.

"The photos here are unique in as much as they haven’t been seen since I took them and feature some musicians who have since passed away. I’m keeping the photographs largely away from the internet so you have to come and see them in person.”

Although David photographed many other performers, he’s chosen 18 New Wave bands to form the basis of the exhibition.

He has also included colour shots from Dunfermline legends The Skids’ recent performance at the Albert Hall.

“The fact that I’ve got photographs of Ian Curtis, Ian Dury and Pete Shelley to share with the public is really important to me because these legends aren’t with us any more,” David added.

Many of the prints will be on sale and all of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Seven Months in 79 runs from today (Thursday) to Sunday, August 18.