Hedgehogs at a Rosyth rescue centre had to be saved from waist-deep water when floods hit. 

Nadia Al-Dujaili, 35, who runs the facility voluntarily from her home in Middlebank Street, had to race to get 38 hogs to safety on Wednesday when her garden flooded where the animals are kept. 

Thankfully all the hogs are safe but Forth Hedgehog Hospital is urgently asking for donations after losing supplies. 

They are asking locals for newspapers but also have an Amazon list where the public can give exactly what is needed. 

Sandbags are also needed to prepare for more torrential rain over the weekend. 

Round the corner from Nadia, neighbours had to be rescued by firefighters on Park Road.

Nadia wrote on Facebook: "This is a hard post to write.

"The area in Rosyth where the hedgehog hospital is situated in was flooded again and indeed the garden still is. 

"Yesterday it was waist-deep with the water rising very quickly and it was urgent to get all the Hedgehogs to safety hence no posts from the page. All the Hedgehogs are safe, dry and warm indoors. 

"Sadly, we have lost most of our newspapers. We urgently need more.

"If anyone can donate some I would be so grateful. They can be placed in the collection boxes that are at the front door. At present we are unable to answer the door as we are working through the back clearing up.

"I will do an updated Amazon list this evening as we lost other supplies and equipment. For the present time, we can't accept food donations at the door as there is absolutely no storage facilities here.

"If anyone would like to get items delivered to us we are having our deliveries redirected to another family members house in Edinburgh and anything needed will be brought to Rosyth as and when needed.

"Once the flood waters have receded we will need an industrial dehumidifier to dry out the Hospital shed and any damage assessed. The units may need replaced."

"It's impossible to tell at the minute."

Donations can be sent to 142 Middlebank Street, Rosyth. Amazon wishlist: https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/wishlist/ls/2M3MDKDIODVQQ/?ref_=lol_ov_le&fbclid=IwAR1eQV50DF8_-PoqXsmJRtLdS7RnUph_RRAYbnMllKJhVhpEJU0m1-aD3Gw