ONGOING issues with an Abbeyview recycling facility has led to its paper and cardboard bin being removed.

Last week, the Press reported concerns from one local resident who said the facility in Allan Crescent had become a "pretty unsightly mess". He said items such as mattresses and fridges had been dumped at the recycling facility in Allan Crescent while waste had also been set on fire.

His anger was mirrored by Councillor James Calder, who said a constituent had told him about three recent fires at the bin area and called for CCTV to be put in place.

After another fire on Wednesday evening, Fife Council took the decision to get rid of the paper bin in the hope of solving the problem.

Councillor Fay Sinclair said the situation will now be monitored.

"There have been ongoing problems with contaminated bins and fly-tipping and there seems to have been a recent pattern of the paper bin getting set on fire," she said.

"That happened again this week and it was quite bad. The fencing and everything caught fire so the decision has been taken that the paper bin will be removed. There is still the glass recycling and the plastic and cans.

"Most people have got paper recycling facilities through the normal bin system but obviously glass is not collected from there so it is important to try and make that as accessible as possible. Hopefully, removing the flammable paper one will remove that temptation.

"The situation is going to be monitored to see whether the others need to or if that will help solve the problem."

Sandy Anderson, Fife Council's service manager for waste operations, confirmed other bins would remain.

"We actively encourage residents to recycle and ask that residents either use their grey bin or take their paper and cardboard to another recycling point or household waste recycling centre," he added. "We’ll continue to monitor the recycling point.”