THE light of The Smiths will never go out thanks to a tribute band fronted by a Morrissey from Saline.

Steven Staff leads the way after following up on an online ad looking for someone to step into the shoes of the band's iconic frontman.

The rest was history and Frankly, The Smiths have been earning rapturous reviews from gig-goers for their performances of the classics as well as material deep in their back catalogue of work.

After first discovering Morrissey in 2004, Steven was starstruck and yearned for more.

He said: "I remember being absolutely mesmerised by the video of ‘Irish Blood, English Heart’, which was being broadcast on MTV. I was being hypnotised but not really knowing why.

"The lyrics seemed to be like nothing I had ever heard before, something meaningful that resonated with my teenage ideals. Morrissey’s gestures and style were also irresistible to me and in that very moment I became a fanatic. This led me to buy ‘You Are The Quarry’ and subsequently I purchased the Very Best of The Smiths."

The tribute supported the Complete Stone Roses in Inverness earlier this year – the largest crowd they've played to – and are set to play in Dunfermline at the end of this month.

PJ Molloys will be the venue on August 30 as Steven and his bandmates take to the stage.

Speaking on their likeness to the legendary band, he said: "Frankly, we are The Smiths.

"As a tribute band we aim to represent The Smiths within the era that the band played live, taking our audience back to the 1980s. We take inspiration from recorded live shows such as Hamburg ’84 and their final show at Brixton Academy in ’86, which is, coincidently, the year I was born.

"I've often been told that we are the only Smiths tribute band who truly capture the energy of the early Smiths performances and we can guarantee that to the audience who attend our gig at PJ's.

"The audiences who have attended our shows thus far have provided very positive feedback. The countless stage invasions (from mainly middle-aged men who want to hug me) are testament to the band's ability to provide much more than make-believe. We provide a nostalgic experience for many people who have seen The Smiths in the past."

They play a wide variety of songs, and each band member has their own favourites.

"I listen to The Smiths or Morrissey almost every day," Steven says.

"On Monday, I may say 'Well I Wonder', only changing to 'Cemetery Gates' by Wednesday.

"Other personal favourites are ‘Reel Around the Fountain’ and ‘Back to the Old House’.

"Our guitarist Jason’s favourite is ‘Handsome Devil’. Our drummer, Gary, and bassist, Dean, both share ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ as their favourite Smiths track.

"My favourite Morrissey solo track is ‘Hairdresser on Fire’. I once made the mistake of telling my hairdresser about it, thankfully it was post clipping!"

Aiming to emulate and perform as one of the most recognisable, and perhaps controversial, names in British rock history is a challenge Steven doesn't shy away from.

"Morrissey has always been hounded by the press with various headlines such as 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' plastered on the red tops, and yet he remains with a loyal fan base," he said.

"A great deal of the statements made by Morrissey over the years have been misrepresented within the press. I'm not interested in commenting on his politics. I am, however, a proud Mozzarian!

"His lyrics, voice and performances are what I aim to emulate, nothing else. I've never really felt that much discomfort at all on the stage, 'it's the only place I exist'.

"In terms of separating the man from the art, in the words of the man himself, 'some people make art and some people are art', and to me, Moz is art."

And he feels Morrisey's outspoken nature and headline-grabbing remarks will not affect the legacy of The Smiths.

He added: "The songs are there for people to judge. I believe the songs are timeless and will always remain relevant. I'm amazed at the amount of young people that wish to attend our shows."

Tickets for the gig on Friday, August 30 cost £10 (+£1.25 booking fee) via Ticketweb.

Details can also be accessed via the band's Facebook page.