ABERDOUR'S Silver Sands beach remains off limits after concerns over poor water quality.

The warning was issued after the weekend's poor rain brought with it worries of pollutants in the water.

RNLI Lifeguards Scotland said yesterday that the beach remains red flagged because of the issue and again advised people to steer clear.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) said heavy rain can lead to a reduction in water quality for several days.

“Intense rain can affect Bathing Waters due to the contaminants that can be present in run off, flood water and sewer overflows," said a spokesperson. "Water quality can be reduced for up to 48 hours after heavy rain, and most beaches in Scotland have poor predicted water quality just now due to the weather.

“SEPA has electronic signs at 31 beaches around Scotland which allow us to inform the public of predicted bathing water quality. We do not have signs at all beaches so, when there is a short term pollution risk such as this, we work with partners to ensure the public is kept informed.

“Regular bathing water sampling continues throughout the summer, and SEPA electronic signage is updated on a daily basis to show predicted water quality. We will advise Fife Council of the results of our next samples.”

Lisa McCann, Fife Council's Environmental Health Service Manager, said they were monitoring Fife's beaches alongside Fife Coast & Countryside Trust and were working with SEPA.

"Conditions are poor around the country following the torrential rain which caused storm drains to overflow," she added. "We'll keep warning signs up until SEPA are satisfied with water samples around the coast."