ODEON have cut ticket prices in half at two Welsh cinemas as they continue to treat West Fifers with "contempt".

The screen giant slashed costs at their Llanelli venue last month less than TWO WEEKS after a public backlash.

And to pile the misery onto film fans in Dunfermline, the Odeon then made the decision to do the same in the town of Bridgend – just a few weeks later.

When the Press asked if they would do similar at Fife Leisure Park, they refused to even answer.

Instead, they highlighted their current promotional offers.

A request to interview managing director Carol Welch in May was also ignored.

The Press has campaigned since the beginning of February for Odeon to reduce their prices in Dunfermline, the most expensive cinema in Scotland.

More than 1,100 people have signed our Press, Take, Action! petition calling on Europe's largest cinema operator to stop fleecing West Fifers at the flicks.

The number of names on our petition is now enough to fill nearly SIX of the venue's 10 screens at once.

In response to the news of Odeon cutting prices in Wales, local MP Douglas Chapman said it, "demonstrates the contempt Odeon has for people in Dunfermline".

He continued: "We have campaigned to the company for months to slash its prices but to no avail.

"The issue we have in Dunfermline is that Odeon have a practical monopoly for cinema viewing as there is no competition from any other major company in the area so they can charge what they like because it is the only place we can go.

"Llanelli is a town with a smaller population than Dunfermline and so Odeon are simply ignoring the interests of its customers in Fife."

Our campaign has brought a community initiative to life that hopes to offer an alternative to the extortionate ticket prices at the Odeon.

The Dunfermline Cinema Project launched its online crowdfunding campaign in mid-July, aiming to raise £40,000 to establish an independent community cinema in the heart of the town.

We revealed in June that 22 potential spaces were being considered by the project.

The group started their journey in the wake of our campaign and donations can be made by bank transfer and cheque.

For more information, please visit: info@dunfermlinecinema.com.

An Odeon spokesperson said: "We are committed to providing the best possible cinema experience for our guests.

"There are many factors that influence our ticket prices, including ticket type, time of day, type of film, location, and other costs."