MORE THAN £700,000 of funding has been awarded to help connect green space in the east of Dunfermline.

There are plans to improve the biodiversity and attractiveness of the Lyne Burn corridor, where it meanders through Touch, Abbeyview, Woodmill and towards east Dunfermline, with a cycle route linking communities and making the most of the green spaces.

It would also include river restoration and improvements to the waterway to make it more naturalised.

Fife Council found out yesterday (Wednesday) they will be receiving £741,000 from the Scottish Government through the Scottish Natural Heritage's Green Infrastructure Fund, which aims to create and improve green spaces in urban communities.

They are also expecting to receive a pot of funding from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) which should take the total amount for the project up to £1.4 million.

As well as attracting new wildlife and biodiversity, it's hoped the network will connect communities in the east of Dunfermline.

Councillor Jean Hall Muir, for Dunfermline Central, who is part of the Green Space Forum, said: "This is an exciting project and is certainly very welcome.

"It's a huge success for Dunfermline and it's going to utterly transform our green spaces.

"There have been a lot of changes to the Lyne Burn which a lot of other waterways have also been subject to, such as plastic pollution and fly-tipping.

"I think it has also been restricted because of development but this will establish a more naturalised waterway.

"It will connect green spaces such as Calais Muir Woods and Rex Park.

"It will bring more wildlife to the area and will hopefully make it more sustainable."

Work on this project is expected to take place over the next few years and should be completed by 2022.

Gillian Taylor, area services manager for Dunfermline, said: "This project is all about improving the Lyne Burn.

"A network will run from the public park right through to the eastern expansion.

"The public will be able to walk along, making it a community space, and it will make the river more naturalised.

"It will connect our communities and will make the area a brilliant living space."