A BIRTHDAY boy and girl asked for donations to Dunfermline Foodbank instead of presents.

Classmates Megan Foster and Caleb Holness raised more than £300 at their 12th birthday party last weekend.

The pals, who have just finished their time at Commercial Primary School, asked their school mates to contribute and they didn't disappoint!

Megan's mum, Laura Strachan, told the Press: "They decided they wanted to have a joint party and invited their class.

"They thought if people were to get gifts for both of them it would be a bit of expensive so instead they asked for donations or cash for the foodbank.

"We've ended up with four or five crates of food and bags of other goods like toiletries.

"There is also £330 in cash donations.

"They both came up with the idea themselves so it was a particularly proud moment for me!"

Megan has been friends with Caleb since she joined Commercial in Primary 4. The pair will soon be starting secondary school together at Dunfermline High.

Laura added: "They're both quite sensible children and they really do think about others.

"The amount raised speaks volumes about what their classmates thought of the idea!

"We just expected people to bring a tin of beans but they were just bringing bags of stuff.

"Everybody just got behind it and have been overly-generous. It's so nice to see.

"It just goes to show that doing a little act to help goes a long way."