THE organisers for Oakley and Comrie Gala have expressed their disappointment at having to cancel their annual extravaganza which was due to take place this weekend.

Poor ticket sales forced the committee into taking the drastic action however a smaller scale event which will include the crowing of the Gala Party will still be held on Saturday.

Committee chairperson Catherine Campbell said cancelling had been a last resort.

"It was a total lack of interest," she said. "We were selling tickets that they could change into wristbands on the day and it was £5 for under fives and £7 for over fives but we hardly sold any. We sold less than 30 and we needed to sell about 300 to make it worthwhile.

"We have had to cancel all the rides, the big rides and bouncy castles and there were lots of stalls booked. We had games and an assault course and races and all that.

"It is difficult and without the support of the people, we can't do it. We did a poll earlier in the year and a lot of people said they wanted a gala and the consensus was that people wanted it.

"We spent two days doing a street collection and raised about £1400 to help with that and other various donations from local business but the cost of these rides is astronomical so we need the ticket sales. We need to be guaranteed that there will be children at it.

"We will have other events throughout the year so the money that we collected will be used for something for the children."

Catherine is hopeful the gala will return next year and that the cancellation will spur on more to help out.

"Hopefully we will get some feedback and we will come back stronger," she added. "There's a possibility that we may move the date to earlier in the year. We have had it on this date for many years but maybe if we have it earlier it will be easier to get hold of people."

A smaller event will take place at Oakley Youth Centre from 12pm until 3pm on Saturday which will include the crowing of the gala party, games, face painting, a disco and a bouncy castle.