NUISANCE seagulls in Inverkeithing will be flying scared as families plan ways of dealing with them.

The gulls have been swooping down on locals in the town and a meeting is to be held at the Civic Centre on Tuesday night.

A private contractor is expected to be in attendance following months of issues in the area, which includes one man being left cut and bruised after being attacked by one on the street.

Councillor Dave Dempsey also raised a motion at the last South West Fife area committee calling for a report on the extent of the gull problem.

He told the Press: "A two-pronged approach is being taken.

"There's a meeting being held next week for local residents, and then you have my motion which was unanimously accepted in committee.

"I don't know what the report will suggest, but going through the council is a more organised way of getting a response to deal with the issue.

"Once the extent of the activity is found, then options and measures will be brought forward.

"Gulls are protected under law, so there's rules on what you can and cannot do.

"Some people have used spikes to stop them from nesting but the gulls can actually use the spikes to secure their nests so that doesn't always work.

"Eggs have also been removed from nests in the past so there are measures available."

Nesting season for seagulls takes place between April and August, and this is when they can be most threatening as they look to protect their young from people, who they perceive to be a threat.

The meeting at the Civic Centre is set to take place at 7pm on Tuesday evening.

It is hoped that a neighbourhood initiative could be formed to address the issue.

Fife Council's Dawn Jamieson previously said: "During the summer months we receive several complaints about the problems caused by seagulls.

"We encourage everyone to play their part by not feeding the gulls – deliberately or by dropping litter."

The Press reported last month that a postman was arming himself with an umbrella to prevent being attacked in Scotmill Way.