A WEST FIFE barber has had a close shave with stardom after being featured on a BBC Scotland reality show.

Fraser Anderson has been cutting hair in Dalgety Bay from The Barber's Bus for 17 years and he and his clients provided a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on in the Mirror Mirror programme, which was aired last month.

He is now hoping they will be included when filming begins for a second series.

"Last year I got a phone call and I was looking round to see if there were any cameras about – it was a guy claiming to come from the BBC and going to make this programme," explained dad-of-three Fraser, 53.

"He came out and saw it and said, 'That is fantastic; we are looking for something not a standard barber's shop and this fits the bill'.

"I warned them at the time that the business was a bit rough and ready. He said it was OK as it was after the watershed. They came to me for about nine-and-a-half hours over two days. They do say it is hidden cameras but that is against the law for that to happen so everyone who came was told.

"It was two cameras and that was it. We had a series of topics and conversations that I was asked to comment and try and draw the customer out. My mate contacted me the day after and he said, 'I am really proud of you'. He said, 'The whole series and you are the only guy that got bleeped out'."

Reaching its 17th birthday is something of a milestone for The Barber's Bus as Fraser remembers all too well.

"The Dunfermline Press reported on it when I first put a van on the road," he added. "The story had to be held because the vehicle went on fire just before it got on the road.

"It now sits out the back of the new Greggs four times a week and down at the doctor's surgery as well. I have got quite a following and it does a great job. I downsized from a larger bus than I used to have but it is like a Tardis. You would think it was just a wee van but you can get about eight people on it.

"It is a big draw that it is a mobile vehicle. I can go anywhere."