NAILS have been scattered on the pavement and angry notes have been posted on windscreens as parking disputes in Inverkeithing intensify.

Due to limited space in the area, Hillfield Road and Hillfield Crescent residents have parked their cars on the pavement.

This has led to arguments between neighbours, and extreme measures have reportedly been taken, including leaving nails out to puncture car tyres.

"It's a ridiculous way of dealing with things," Inverkeithing councillor David Barratt told the Press.

"I think it's frustration getting the best of some people. Leaving nails out and putting angry notes on windshields is not the done thing.

"This parking problem has been going on for a while and has been highlighted by constituents.

"Car ownership in the area isn't lowering, it's increasing.

"Ideally, additional parking would be created. But there's limited space in the area available to do that.

"There's not a lot the council can do about this.

"You'd hope residents could be more reasonable with each other."

Cllr Barratt's comments have been echoed by fellow councillor Alice McGarry, who feels Hillfield's parking problems "will never be resolved".

She said: "It's an ongoing situation and you can't blame anyone other than the residents.

"Someone reported nails were put out, but I haven't seen any; although they may have been cleaned up.

"I can't see a solution to this parking issue as there's no local space available to be turned into parking.

"Some people think they have a right to park outside their homes. They simply don't.

"They have set views on this that I don't think they'll change.

"Someone had previously suggested that double-yellow lines should be introduced but that would cause riots."

Police Scotland told the Press that no incidents of nails or threatening notes to drivers had been reported to them.

A spokesperson said: "We have received no reports in relation to this matter, however, anyone wishing to make a complaint of this nature can contact us via 101."

The Press previously reported in May that a postman was brushed by a car on Hillfield Road.

A local resident also expressed their fears that "lives are now at risk" in the street due to locals parking their cars on the pavement, forcing pedestrians to walk on the road.

Garry Haldane, Communication Workers Union (CWU) rep for Dunfermline Delivery Office, confirmed that a postie narrowly avoided being hit by a car after having stepped out onto the road.