Fife Council have a plan in place for the schooling of all 1400 pupils at Woodmill High less than a week since the devastating fire.

Each school year will be accommodated at different venues in Fife from next week until Christmas.

Officers still don't know the full extent of the damage but believe they will regain some use of the school by the new year.

Throughout next week each year group will be transported to their new premises from Woodmill High. 

Teams of teachers will go with pupils so that their education is not compromised. Interim arrangements for pupils:

S1 pupils - Vine Conference Centre - start Tuesday

S2 pupils - Queen Anne High School - start Friday 

S3 pupils - Beath High School - Thursday 

S4 pupils - Inverkeithing High School - Wednesday 

S5 - Fife College - start Monday

S6 - St Columbas High School - start Monday

The Department of Additional Support will be together at Blairhall Primary School from Monday, September 9.

To accommodate these children three classes will go to Tulliallan Primary.

Equipment has been sourced for DAS and officials don't believe there are immediate adjustments that are required at Blairhall Primary.

Tulliallan and Blairhall have a joint headteacher so staff don't anticipate any issues with the three classes moving from Blairhall.

Both schools have alerted their communities to what is going to happen and are looking forward to welcoming Woodmill pupils.

Councillor Fay Sinclair, Convener for Education and Children's Services, said: "We reiterate our thanks to the staff at Woodmill and staff across the education directory for how hard they've worked to pull this all together in such a short space of time.

"Two days ago there were still firefighters at the school and now we have a plan in place for all 1400 pupils.

"The generosity and understanding from all our school communities and from the wider West Fife community has been absolutely fantastic.

"The understanding and the praise for the teams of people that have managed to turn this around so quickly, that within a week of such a devastating fire we have something in place for all pupils and the pupils will be back to their learning.

"Everything that everybody has done has been overwhelming."

Phase one of the demolition starts today which will take three weeks to complete. Fife Council will assess as they go what other parts of the damaged buildings might also have to be knocked down.

Carrie Lindsay, Executive Director of Education and Children's Services, said: "We have been working flat out all week and the people supporting this project have been absolutely amazing.

"The whole community has been absolutely amazing as well, we couldn't have asked for more support.

"Because we have been able to work so well together we have come up with a plan for next week for the short-term.

"We are now working our way through what children we'll bring on each day and the staff groups with them.

"We've managed to sort the transport which is quite an achievement. Buses will be bringing the children from Woodmill and they will be taken to the various places.

"It means within a week we've actually managed to pull all that together."

Fife Council are working through full solutions about what they will do next, including options within Fife, further afield and non-council buildings.

However, they need to know how much of Woodmill can be used before any decision is made.

They will then look at plans for the much longer term for the rebuild or whether they need to try hutted accommodation while they look at previous plans for the replacement of West Fife schools.

Headteacher Sandy McIntosh said: "The school community has been devastated by what has taken place and the support that has been provided has been absolutely phenomenal.

"One of the great things about our school is there is a really strong sense of identity of the school and there has been a real resilience around our young people who want to be back in education.

"There has been a massive effort from everyone involved to make this happen and we're at a point where we've got good solutions locally for our young people.

"It's a credit to our wider community that we're actually at a point within three or four days of the fire being extinguished where we can get our young people back into a learning environment as soon as possible.

"What's really important is that we're keeping this school community together."

Shirley-Anne Somerville Dunfermline MSP said: “The interim arrangements being made for Woodmill will be a relief for pupils and parents.

“This hasn’t been an easy task for Fife Council and the school senior management team, but they are doing everything they can to ensure a positive learning environment for children and young people.

“Things will remain challenging over the coming months for families as these arrangements bed in, and with the additional travel arrangements for many, but I’m confident that the council and the school will continue to work closely with parents and pupils." 

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