FAT Fifers are not tipping the scales in their favour with two-thirds of adults either overweight or obese.

And you're more likely to struggle with your weight if you're from one of the 'poorer' areas in the Kingdom.

That's according to NHS Fife's director of public health, Dona Milne, who said: "The proportion of adults in Fife who are obese increases with increasing deprivation."

Levels of adult obesity in the Kingdom have remained consistent over the past 10 years and our problems start young, with 12.3 per cent of Primary 1 kids overweight and 10.3 per cent classed as obese.

The figures in her annual report, from 2017, also said that 0.8 per cent of children starting school that year were underweight.

NHS Fife said that a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 29.9 was overweight; between 30 and 39.9 is obese; and 40 or more is morbidly obese.

In 2017, 23 per cent of adults in Fife ate five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, that dropped to 16 per cent of kids aged between five and 12 while nine per cent of children in that age group said they didn't eat any.

And 42 per cent of adult women did not meet activity guidelines for taking physical exercise, compared to 31 per cent for men.

The report estimated that 24,000 adults in Fife experienced food insecurity – the inability of one or more members of a household to consume an adequate quality or sufficient quantity of food that is useful for health.

She added: "There is a clear link between food insecurity and health inequalities with poor diet being a risk factor in obesity, cancer, coronary heart disease and diabetes."

Ms Milne said that reducing the impact of sugar, an improving diet and keeping active were key to better health.