CARNEGIE Leisure Centre was evacuated this morning after reports of a 'leak from a solar panel'.

The centre in Dunfermline remains closed after emergency services attended this morning at around 6.05am.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust confirmed on Facebook that customers were escorted out of the building after an odour was detected.

They added that it will re-open again later this afternoon.

They posted: "Customers are being advised by Fife Sports and Leisure Trust that Carnegie Leisure Centre is closed following investigations of a smell at the building by the Scottish Fire Service earlier this morning.

"The incident happened at 5.55am, all customers and staff were evacuated.

"The odour was related to a leak of a low-hazardous chemical from a solar panel heating system on the roof of the building. There is no risk to the public and the building will re-open at 1.00pm and will be fully operational."

James Dunbar, area leisure manager for Fife Sports and Leisure Trust, said: “The staff acted quickly to evacuate the centre and fortunately there were only 20 customers at the site who were escorted out of the building soon after they had just arrived.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to our customers and appreciate their continued support.”

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service confirmed it was being treated as a chemical incident.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: "We were called to the Carnegie Leisure Centre at around 6.05am.

"There was some sort of chemical smell and we attended along with the fire service.

“It appears to be a leak from a solar panel and there is no risk to the public as it’s a non-corrosive substance.”

Pilmuir Street had to be shut to traffic, but it was able to re-open again at 8.45am.