A WEST FIFE boy has been urging people to #sharetheirwishes this week and ensure they make their views on organ donation known.

Little Daniel Cornet, who started school last month, made his view clear to mark National Organ Donation week.

The five-year-old, from Cairneyhill, had a kidney transplant in December 2017 after being born with end stage renal failure. The condition meant that from the age of 10 months until the vital surgery, he had to endure 10 hours of dialysis treatment every day to fight infection.

The former winner of the Press Bonny Baby competition is now enjoying life at St Margaret's Primary School.

Mum Louise said: "He has settled in no bother. I think he is enjoying it but already giving it, 'Good', when I ask him how school was and that he can't remember when I ask him what he had done.

"He says his favourite bit is pretty much hometime but he is enjoying it really! He is enjoying doing his letters and he seems to be paying attention! He is just loving being with his friends."

Since his transplant, Daniel has suffered some setbacks and is currently still having to have weekly blood tests to see how he is doing.

"We have been so lucky," added Louise. "I know it has been up and down for him but he has done so well. A couple of years ago, I thought we would never get to this point.

"Last year even, we thought he would be at the stage he is now and he kept taking really ill. At points then, we didn't know what was round the corner and now he is away doing things like swimming lessons and all these things that are normal. It is amazing."