WOODMILL High School pupils took a trip to Dunfermline Fire Station this week to say thank you to their heroes.

S3 pupils David Agnew, Kieran MacManus and Coolan Bell presented firefighters who battled the blaze at their Dunfermline school last week with a fruit basket and some chocolates.

Michelle Duffy, grandmother to Coolan, said the loss of the school building had been "like a death" in the community but praised the efforts of the fire service who had tackled the blaze for hours.

She told the fire service: "We are so grateful for all your work.

"It must have been exhausting dealing with that blaze.

"We know how hard it's going to be for all the kids but we really appreciate what you have done and the boys wanted to come and tell you that today.

"We do not think it is funny what happened and we hope nothing like that happens again."

The S3 boys will be starting at Beath High School today (Thursday).

David said: "It's very sad what's happened – I'm bored at home doing absolutely nothing.

"To be honest, I don't want to go to Beath High. Nobody likes going to a new school and we're feeling very nervous."

Coolan added: "We felt it was the least we could do to thank them for what they did.

"They risked their lives to help us and we're so grateful."

Roddy Keith, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service area manager, said: "The community was just so helpful on the night, giving us cups of tea and biscuits.

"Fires of that scale can attract large crowds because it's seen as exciting but it was a very different feeling here.

"I personally would like to say how fantastic the community has been at this time and they've shown they are incredibly resilient even in the face of adversity."

The basket of fruit was donated by local business RC Ferguson.