THE hidden history of a Dunfermline street is being unearthed for a potential visitors trail.

Dunfermline Heritage Partnership (DHP) are working on discovering the "important stories" Bruce Street has to offer.

The partnership says the "history and characters that have been identified along the medieval street tell a fascinating story".

Derek Bottom, chair, explained: "A growing number of visitors are interested in the social history of a place – the lives of people who lived and toiled in the streets and buildings of Dunfermline that we walk past every day.

"This project will encourage more people to visit the street and explore its stories and enjoy the services of businesses in the street.”

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, it's part of the Great Place scheme which aims to bring local groups together to deliver social and economic benefits for the town.

A spokesperson for DHP said: "From the toll gate which existed in medieval times opposite the Drill Hall to collect tolls from visitors, to the characters of the Drill Hall which was used as a base for distributing food during the General Strike of 1926, from the lade to the north of Bruce Street which provided water down to the abbey; children working in the Mill Port Factory during Victorian times to an old tradition of treacle scone competitions, the ‘walls’ of Bruce Street have many tales to tell."

DHP plan on developing the stories they've discovered by working with partners to animate and illustrate them in an "engaging way which will provide interpretation for local residents, business and tourists".

They added: "The collection of stories and built heritage of the street lend themselves to the development of a trail, navigating visitors towards the Heritage Quarter.

"A ‘follow in the footsteps’ trail will link stories with physical features in the street, and show historic maps, drawings and reconstructions that will help visitors to visualise and enjoy the stories of the medieval port and mill."