RADIO West Fife are looking for a new home as they prepare to leave Queen Margaret Hospital.

The community radio station currently has a studio space within phase one of the hospital where they have been able to broadcast live from for the last decade.

But the airwaves could fall silent for a spell if they don't find suitable accommodation by the end of October when they're set to depart.

Joe Parker, chairperson, told the Press: "It's been on the cards since the end of July, really.

"I understand that NHS Fife are making investments into mental health facilities and are redeveloping part of phase one, and unfortunately they need the space we're in.

"I can't thank NHS enough for the support they've given us over the years. We've had a great partnership with them. They've been very helpful and they did offer us an alternative solution but it sadly wasn't really suitable.

"If we don't get temporary accommodation, we'll stop live broadcasting for a period of time.

"We'll probably continue through a variety of means but it'll likely just be pre-recorded and probably have less local content.

"We've had some conversation with groups and are pursuing finding something else.

"As it stands, we need to be out by October 31, and we don't have any alternative premises secured yet.

The search is on to find accommodation that can provide disabled access and as many hours as possible to broadcast live throughout the week.

The station is also continuing to pursue its application to OFCOM for an FM community radio licence and is hopeful they will receive positive news by the end of the year.

"If we are successful, we would need to dramatically increase the number of volunteers (the current total is 28) involved," Joe added.

"To deliver an FM station, we would have needed a new premises anyway, to be honest.

"To some extent this has accelerated a process we were likely going to have to take in the next few months. The timing isn't ideal but we can't do anything about that.

"We're not looking for a huge amount of accommodation space in the meantime to enable us to keep live broadcasting.

"We had one room and some storage at the hospital before, so we could continue with a space like that if that's available somewhere in the interim."

If you are able to help Radio West Fife with vacant accommodation in Dunfermline and West Fife, get in touch with them via email: