A SAILOR’S night out in Dunfermline went from bad to worse when a friend was assaulted and then he was arrested.

Craig Rogers, 23, of HMS Prince of Wales, currently based at Rosyth Dockyard, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on September 2, at High Street, Dunfermline, and Dunfermline police station, he repeatedly shouted, swore, made derogatory comments and acted aggressively.

Depute fiscal Dev Kapadia said police were called to a disturbance in the High Street at 3.30am.

Rogers immediately became aggressive, pointing at the officers and going up into their faces.

He was shouting “F*** off” and “d****”, which led to him being arrested and put in a police van still shouting abuse.

Defence solicitor Russel McPhate said his client was having a night out with a friend in Dunfermline.

The friend was assaulted and the police were contacted about this.

His client had been trying to point out the person responsible to the police but he left in a taxi.

“He didn’t think they were listening to him and was frustrated when the taxi drove off,” he added.

“He’s normally regarded as mild-mannered when sober and this behaviour was out of character.”

Sheriff Chris Shead fined Rogers £375.