AN INVERKEITHING mum has disputed Police Scotland claims that no reports of nails being scattered in Hillfield Crescent were reported to them.

Last month, the Press reported that locals were furious over the extreme actions neighbours were taking to prevent people parking their cars on the pavement.

That included leaving nails out to puncture car tyres and aggressive notes being left on car windshields.

Sharon Graham's 21-year-old daughter found a sticker had been placed on hers that read: 'Stop parking like a c***'.

Police Scotland had previously told the Press that no incidents of nails or threatening notes to drivers had been reported to them, with a spokesperson stating: “We have received no reports in relation to this matter".

But Sharon, a Hillfield Crescent resident of 17 years, says she has had police walk with her in the street to see the nails and aggressive stickers for themselves.

She said: "You were advised by Police Scotland that there had been no reports of the issues; however, I can assure you that I reported the problem on two occasions and was visited by the police both times. The officers were shown the nails and the highly-offensive stickers – one of which was still on my windscreen, the other had been on my daughter's.

"The sticker said: 'Stop parking like a c***'.

"My husband and I were furious that such an aggressive approach had been taken towards a young woman.

"The nails were definitely scattered around the pavement and were observed by the police; I cleared the path a few times, as I walk my dogs past there, but the nails always reappeared, that is until the last time the police were called out."

In response, a Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers in Inverkeithing continue to give attention to the issue of parking in Hillfield Crescent and an officer has been dedicated to look at this matter and progress any inquiries which constitute a criminal offence. If members of the public wish to report a crime in relation to this matter then please contact Dalgety Bay Police Station via 101."

Sharon feels that parking solutions can be found in the area, despite Councillor Alice McGarry suggesting recently that Hillfield's problems "will never be resolved".

She said: "I have lived in the Hillfield area for 17 years and the residents have always been relaxed about parking; nobody expects to park outside their homes. The issue of the aggressive behaviour has been in the last year and since the person in question moved into the area.

"Alice McGarry has stated there is nothing that can be done about the problem but I believe there are solutions. Parking bays can easily be painted on the street/pavement to clearly mark where cars can be parked and to encourage sensible parking gaps are left; this has already been done in Rosyth.

"The situation can be further relieved by asking those with driveways to use them.

"There is also an area behind the Hillfield Crescent houses that already has an access road to old unused garages. This is owned by the housing department; this can be cleared and turned into a parking area for at least 20 cars.

"If the same access road was also extended then the residents would have access to the rear of their property to park."