SPARTACUS the 'Tesco Cat' is a well-loved welcoming face for shoppers going to the Extra store in Duloch.

The black-and-white nine-year-old male cat lies proudly in the foyer of the shop which he has made his adopted home.

But he's not a stray – he actually comes from a well-loved home just around the corner.

His mum and dad, Nicola Edwards and Finlay Macpherson, live on Plover Crescent and are kept busy by constant messages about what Spartacus has been up to!

Nicola, 33, said: "I have to go and visit Tesco's if I want to see him!

"Our home backs onto Tesco so it is just a hop, skip and a jump for him and he is there.

"He's always been a bit of a wanderer and one time he was actually lost for a few weeks.

"We've lived here for five years but things changed for Spartacus about three years ago with the arrival of our son, Hamish.

"I think he decided he would go and find a quiet spot!"

Spartacus is so well fed by shoppers that Nicola is considering putting up posters to try to stop the pounds piling on!

The cat is out all day and only makes an appearance at his home at night.

He is also known for following people home!

"He is certainly well known for his antics!" Nicola added.