AN INVERKEITHING woman celebrated the homecoming of her little girl this week, after she burst into the world at just 26 weeks.

Little Eliyannah Mae Carnegie made an unexpected arrival on June 27 after mum Deryn Gallagher suddenly fell ill with pre-eclampsia.

Now the new mum wants to speak out about her experience in the hope others will recognise symptoms of the condition so they don't have to go through the trauma which she and her partner Kristopher Carnegie had to deal with.

With 14 weeks left to her due date, Deryn, 25, didn't think anything when she started to have severe migraine headaches which led to her having two seizures and Eliyannah being delivered by emergency caesarean section.

"I had been having severe migraines but I am not one to go to the doctors or hospital and I didn't think anything of it and just took my paracetamol," she explained.

"On the Monday morning, I had a seizure in the house while my partner was getting ready for work. He said I went pure white. They got me stable once I got into A&E and I took another seizure. Then they put a tube down my throat to stop the seizures from happening and after that I was put on steroids for through the night and I was told I would have Eliyannah on the Thursday morning.

"She was born at 8.31am on June 27 and she was just one pound six. She was teeny tiny.

"I have never had any seizures. I had only been to my midwife the Thursday before I had her and there was no warning of it. I was not aware of it (pre-eclampsia) and it was the migraines. I thought if I had gone in and said I have got a migraine they would have sent me away. When you are not used to having anything like that it is a sign.

"I have had got up in the morning and I had an asthma attack then went into a seizure. My arms were behind my head and I was proper fitting then it just stopped and I went totally white.

"I had such high blood pressure that was up at something like 195.

"After I was asked do you know how lucky you are to be alive? I was out of it for so long you don't realise. We are getting a counsellor thing to go through things. My partner witnessed it all and the and surgeons that were with me are going over everything with me."

The family, who now live in Lochgelly, have overcome serious complications which included Deryn suffering a blood clot in her upper arm and little Eliyannah contracting Necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) which is a serious illness affecting the intestine which led to her having to be transferred to Edinburgh to have six centimetres of her bowel removed.

Eliyannah is now weighing in at just over four pounds 11 ounces and eventually got to go home on Tuesday where she will be on oxygen.

Her due date has supposed to be October 2 and Deryn was delighted that they have eventually been able to get her back home.

"It is amazing – she is just a miracle," she added. "It’s amazing having her home, just amazing to see her being able to roll around her play gyms and things and be a bit more active!"