ODEON has come under fire from film fans once again in Dunfermline over the venue's "shocking" ticket prices.

The screen giant's cinema at Fife Leisure Park is the most expensive in Scotland and more than 1,100 people have supported our Press, Take, Action! campaign urging the company to stop fleecing West Fifers at the flicks.

Our petition can be signed here.

Gill Gowran was left stunned after paying the same price to see a film in Dunfermline instead of her regular East Kilbride Luxe cinema – which offers a recliner chair and table for snacks and drinks.

She said: "No wonder so many are complaining about the pricing in Dunfermline."

In a complaint made to the Odeon, she said: "Went with my mum to your Dunfermline cinema yesterday (September 14) and was shocked that they charge the same as our Luxe cinema in East Kilbride!

"I cannot believe as a company you consider this fair customer relations given the basic, not particularly comfortable seats you have in Dunfermline!

"In future, if I'm going to the cinema with my mum we will be going elsewhere as I understand many locals do because of your excessive pricing for basic seats."

American sci-fi film Ad Astra was released in the UK recently and is currently showing at both Dunfermline and East Kilbride Luxe.

An adult ticket for last Friday night's 8.40pm showing in Dunfermline cost £11.25.

If you were to attend the East Kilbride cinema – with higher-quality seats and space between rows – at the same time, you would have paid £10.50.

An Odeon spokesperson said: "We are committed to providing the best possible cinema experience for our guests. There are many factors that influence our ticket prices, including ticket type, time of day, type of film, location, and other costs."

The Press has campaigned since the beginning of February for Odeon to slash prices.

The number of names on our petition is now enough to fill nearly SIX of the venue's 10 screens at once.

They have so far refused to answer whether they would consider cutting costs.

Our request to interview their managing director Carol Welch in May was also ignored.

Our campaign has led to the Dunfermline Cinema Project launching an online crowdfunding campaign in mid-July that aims to bring an independent community cinema to the heart of the town.