Locals were left outraged on social media after a Rosyth woman spoke of how she had narrowly missed being hit by a falling piece of masonry thrown by youths from a derelict building.

The post shared on the Facebook pages of Rosyth Community Council and What's Happening Rosyth highlighted a torrent of anti-social behaviour.

This includes:

l Kids covered in vomit after drunk youths have been sick down the public playpark's slide.

l Bins being set on fire.

l Glass bottles smashed deliberately.

The old social work building on Park Road, just behind the community centre, seems to be the hub of the anti-social behaviour.

It has lain empty for the last couple of years with reports made both to the police and the community council frequently in recent months of youths entering the derelict building and even setting it on fire, putting themselves in danger.

Fife Council have stepped into board it up on multiple occasions.

On Facebook, the Rosyth woman said last week there were large stones/chunks of cement being thrown from either the back of the building over the top or from the roof onto the main road.

"One very large piece of stone just missed me as I was walking along the pavement and it landed on the road," she said. "Just as well no cars were passing at the time."

Danny Hughes, chairman of Rosyth Community Council, said: "I've not heard of youths being sick down the children's slide but it does not surprise me if it is true.

"It's just ridiculous. If a teenager is drunk enough to be sick then surely their parents must be aware when they come home and are asking questions.

"I think some teenagers think they are absolutely untouchable.

"It's a shame because it's a brilliant park and they're stopping other people using by making it dangerous.

"The anti-social behaviour is ongoing but this particular incident where a woman was nearly hit is bad.

"Police are aware but with limited resources, there is only so much they can do.

"Until that building gets reused I think it will just continue."

There had been a planning application previously to turn the social working building into luxury flats but that was rejected after residents objected.

Danny added: "It would have been good to have flats because the vandalism would have stopped so I don't understand why people opposed.

"There have generally been problems around the park and the building, which are all part of the same area.

"It's just a target for local youths. The council and police are trying but they can't have people there all the time.

"I don't know what can be done about it."

Inspector Stephen Kay said: "We are aware of reports from local residents of anti-social behaviour in a derelict building in the Park Road area of Rosyth.

"We have a dedicated community policing team who are aware of this and routinely conduct patrols in the area to disrupt anyone intent on causing anti-social behaviour.

"I would ask that parents help us by ensuring their children know the dangers of congregating in such buildings, and understand the consequences of committing anti-social behaviour and associated criminality."