AN INSPIRATIONAL Inverkeithing boy is about to complete a 100-mile cycle challenge in a bid to end homelessness.

Eight-year-old Adam McAllister was so upset by the sheer amount of homeless people he saw on a recent trip to London to visit big brother Ritchie that he vowed to help the hungry any way he could.

He set himself a challenge of cycling 100 miles during the month of September and will finish the final 10 miles this Sunday at Lochore Meadows.

He's managed to raise £648 so far that will go towards a Fife-based homeless charity called 'Trust in Fife'.

Adam's mum, Christina, of Scotmill Way, said: "He had never been in that situation before.

"London is a busy place and everyone just walks past the homeless and he just could not get his head around that.

"In his mind, everyone should have a home and he doesn't understand that it's a little bit complicated than that.

"He's a boy with a lot of questions!

"I have to say though he made us all think and when Ritchie went to work the next week he stopped on his way to take a guy for breakfast.

"I think as adults we don't give it much thought when you see it but you know it's such a sad situation.

"I think Adam thought this just happened in London but when we explained it happens in our area too he just could not comprehend it.

"He made us look into the issue and then decided he would do something."

Up to now, Adam has completed all the cycles with his dad, Ian, but on his final 10 miles on Sunday he is hoping friends and family will join him.

He will also be joined by a residential support worker from Trust in Fife.

Christina added: "Adam is a sensitive wee soul and he does like things to be fair.

"He actually wanted to do a sponsored silence for 24 hours at first but when we did a test he only lasted 10 minutes!

"We said why don't you set yourself another challenge that would still be difficult but not talking!

"His dad is into his bikes so he went for that. It's been quite tough for him and to be fair he's had a lot of falls and hurt himself but he's still kept going.

"We've been really blown away by everyone's incredible generosity.

"He's really looking forward to finishing especially when he knows I'm going to be doing it with him.

"I never cycle so he thinks it's funny!

"We're very proud of him."