THE signs aren't good for Dunfermline – so Fife Council aim to change them.

They want to improve 'wayfinding' – the term used to describe an area's signs, maps and other route-identifying information – to help pedestrians find their way round the town centre more easily.

And they've asked West Fifers for their views with mock-up signs set up at a drop-in event in the court room at the City Chambers on Tuesday and Wednesday this week and an online consultation that runs until next month.

A council spokesperson explained: "Good wayfinding will let you know where you are, highlight a selection of key destinations and where these are in relation to your current location.

"The town centre’s existing wayfinding needs to be improved.

"We want to correct outdated information and replace signs that are difficult to read."

The aim is to make journeys easier and improve the visitor experience.

The proposals include "monolith signs" at arrival points and key locations that will combine maps, information and directional signs.

They will provide information on nearby attractions and indicate walking times and distances to them.

And "fingerpost signs" will be erected at pedestrian 'decision points' which will give directions to confirm to visitors they are on the correct route. They can also include walking times or distances to attractions.

They should be installed early next year and locals are also being asked to "help us reach a decision on the style, colour and finish of the proposed signage".

The spokesperson added: "Dunfermline town centre attracts lots of visitors. It is a cultural and shopping destination for tourists and locals alike.

"This work will help to improve the quality of the visitor experience, making it easier for people to navigate through Dunfermline’s streetscape. The signage will be high-quality, durable, consistent in style and complement the surrounding streets."

You can have your say online until Friday October 11 at

The project is funded by Fife Council, Transport Scotland’s ‘Smarter Choices, Smarter Places’ fund and ScotRail’s Transport Integration Fund.