DUNFERMLINE band Dancing on Tables have taken another step forward in their thriving music career.

One of their singles, Body, has been chosen as the official soundtrack to the new schuh x Adidas campaign.

The track was released last year and now provides the backdrop to the video promoting schuh's ties with the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world and their Gazelle range.

The band's Robbie McSkimming and Callum Thomas told the Press: "We've not had any free shoes yet but we're hoping we will!

"Somebody from schuch got in touch – we didn't even realise they were a Scottish company and that the guy who started it is from Dunfermline – and told us they working with Adidas on this video.

"They had this idea for two young people having fun and they wanted a song that told the story but was up-tempo as well. Ours was the song they wanted.

"It was completely out of the blue. It's a really cool thing to be a part of.

"It comes as a surprise as we obviously don't write songs with that in mind. It's nice to know that people like our music and want to use our songs on projects that they're working on."

The five-piece have been going strong for five years and the ad with schuh and Adidas is not their first.

Scottish Water tapped into Dunfermline's wave of music talent last year when they chose the band's OH single for their 'Your Water, Your Life' campaign.

When asked what company or advert they would love to have their material appear alongside, Robbie joked: "The aim of my life has always been FIFA (video game soundtrack).

"And although it's not quite our genre, a John Lewis Christmas advert. It just screams money!"

The Dunfermline Press Community Champions Live Music Award winners of 2016 signed on the dotted line with LV Music, a Nashville-based label founded by Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, Femke Weidema, in late 2017.

Trips to Nashville have proved invaluable with a number of writing visits churning out potential new material.

"We've got a brand new live set and lots of things recorded, so we think and hope the next year is going to be massive for us," the pair said.

New music is expected to come out next month, before they play their first PJ Molloys headliner in two years.

Of the gig on Saturday, December 7, the pair said: "It's been around two years since our last headline gig at PJs. It's always great to play in Dunfermline with your friends and family there."