TAXI prices in Fife are now the second-most expensive in Scotland.

Fife Council have agreed to raise fares in the Kingdom after a recommendation from local taxi operators.

It means a two-mile journey will now be £6.70 in a taxi between 6am and 10pm – and that goes up to £8.35 after 10pm.

The average day rate across the UK is £5.92 for the same distance.

The regulation and licensing committee met last week where all councillors agreed to support the price rise.

Councillor Mick Green proposed that the taxi fares should be increased after “taxi operators met and worked out themselves the best move”.

Commitee convenor Councillor Carol Lindsay said: “Every one of us knows what the economic climate is like – but equally, standards in Fife for maintaining taxis is high.

"It’s difficult to get the right balance."

Cllr John Docherty added: “It’s a fair report and they all seem to have come together to support it.”

The East Lothian council area currently has the most expensive fares in Scotland, with Fife now in second place after the recommendation was agreed.

Taxi firms and associations across Fife supported the increase.