PUPILS from Camdean Primary School have taken action in their fight to stop dog-fouling in their playground.

Children from the Primary 7 class have made their own poo bag dispensers which they are hoping members of the public will use instead of letting pets mess up their field.

Youngsters Aimee David, Rio Iwaniec and Maryse Fairnington contacted the Press to tell us about their efforts.

"We decided to make dispensers because often there is dog poo on our playing field and as a result we can't play there," they said. "We have made seven poo bag dispensers and spaced them out all over the school grounds.

"We hope this will make a big difference. This is a big deal because the owners can get fined a lot of money for it and it stops us playing and having fun."

Teacher Rachel Burns said the pupils were keen to make a difference.

"The children took on the initiative and have been very enthusiastic about it," she said. "They have worked together to make the dispensers and then went out to find suitable places to put them so the public can use them and possibly refill them. Hopefully it will become a well-used resource.

"It is them taking ownership of their own school playground. Sometimes, when they run round the field it can be a bit of a nuisance and we are encouraging not just the children but the community to take responsibility."