A FORMER Labour MP has accused the local party of "electioneering" following their concerns about a super campus in Dunfermline.

Fife Labour Group have raised fears that plans for a joint learning campus in the east of the town could mean a loss of facilities in Abbeyview.

Thomas Docherty, who served as Dunfermline and West Fife's MP between 2010-15, says Labour has always been supportive of the idea and has been left bewildered by their misgivings.

"It looks like sheer electioneering," he said.

However, Councillor David Ross disagreed and said Fife Labour group had made clear there needed to be full consultation with the community since the beginning of the year.

Mr Docherty told the Press: "My concern is, for six years, the council has been looking at the idea of a super campus.

"Four years ago they took those plans public.

"Now we find that after the Scottish Government has announced the funding for it, we have Labour politicians suddenly saying they have these concerns and throwing up obstacles.

"Yes, of course, they need community facilities in Abbeyview, but these are not suddenly new issues.

"If I was John Swinney I would have my head in my hands right now.

"These are the very people that have been running the council for the last six years.

"It looks to me as soon as the Scottish Government say they support the idea of a super campus, the Labour party are not convinced by the very idea they were promoting."

Although no date has been set, a by-election was triggered after Conservative councillor Alan Craig resigned from his post in the Dunfermline Central ward.

Abbeyview lies just over the border in the Dunfermline South ward but the catchment area for Woodmill High covers both areas.

A General Election also seems imminent because of Brexit.

Mr Docherty made clear he was not disputing Fife Labour's stance of questioning the level of funding the Scottish Government was committing.

Two weeks ago, the Press reported Cllr Ross' concerns that the Scottish Government was not giving capital funding for the replacement of West Fife schools but only access to a Public Works Loan Board.

Mr Docherty said Fife Labour made clear they were calling for the creation of a super campus during the 2015 General Election campaign.

"Let's get this new school built and the council will work out how best to safeguard the community facilities," he added.

"I would say all parents want is a new school built and they don't want to see politics played.

"I am exasperated that the Labour party is behaving in this manner."

Cllr Ross said: "There are mixed views about the super campus idea.

"As I’ve said, it was an idea first brought forward by the previous Labour administration.

"However, there was no funding available from the Scottish Government so the proposal was very much on hold.

"It’s only been over the last year that the Scottish Government has said it will make further investment in the school estate across Scotland. So Fife has been firming up on these proposals.

"However, in the course of this discussion, it is clear there are at least three major concerns in local communities: the large number of students that would be accommodated on the joint campus, the mixing of the younger school pupils with much older students and adults, and the relocation of the existing schools outwith the Abbeyview area.

"Going back to the start of this year, the Labour group on Fife Council has made clear it believes there is a need for wide community consultation on the idea before a final decision is taken. We have expressed this view for many months when there was no prospect of any election in the near future."