TOWNHILL Primary was celebrating this week after a glowing report from Education Scotland.

Inspectors visited the school in June and the school and nursery received gradings of "Very good" for three out of four sections along with an "Excellent" for raising attainment and achievement.

Headteacher Janine Pirouet was delighted that the work of the pupils and staff was recognised.

“I am immensely proud of the work, dedication and commitment of the children, staff and school community," she said. "This has been a fantastic way to end a very successful year and we could not be happier.”

The pupils were described as “happy, confident, articulate children across the nursery and primary, who are very proud of their school and share their learning enthusiastically”.

Staff were commended by the inspection team who commented: “The effective staff team across the nursery and school, who are confident and proud to be part of the Townhill Primary School community. Their approach to professional learning is driven by a relentless focus on high aspirations and achieving the best outcomes for all children.”

The inspection report hailed the "strong, effective leadership of the headteacher and depute headteacher in empowering all staff across the nursery and school to lead, resulting in improved attainment and achievement for all children."

The school and nursery were also praised for “The strong focus on Developing the Young Workforce embedded across the nursery and school resulting in the progressive development of children’s skills for learning, life and work.”

Strengths were also recognised in approaches to assessment, moderation, tracking and monitoring in order to improve attainment in literacy and numeracy whilst ensuring equity for all.

The school’s education manager, Sarah Else, was delighted that the commitment and effort of the whole Townhill team had been reflected in the report.

“This is an excellent report for the school and nursery," she said. "We know that Townhill is a key strength of our area and it is very pleasing to see the inspectors recognise the great work that takes place, to ensure every child meets their potential.”