IT'S a city revered the world over for its arts, culture and history and, from an early age, it sucked me in and weaved its magic.

I never grew up there, nor had any real connection to the place until I headed for university – but Edinburgh quickly had me under the spell that draws millions of people to visit each year.

From Leith to Gorgie, it is a place I have had the pleasure to live in, explore extensively and socialise in at various points for what is hurtling very quickly towards two decades. In that time, many of its eateries have been sampled, enjoyed and repeated.

While it is one of only a few towns or cities I would claim to know well enough to not need Google maps or a sat-nav to find my way around, Edinburgh still has the capacity to surprise, and a recent journey to its south side managed to do so in style.

Before my partner, Gemma, and I took a trip on a midweek's summer's evening, I had only been aware of Voujon, located at 107 Newington Road, having passed by it on a bus headed for either Cameron Toll or Morningside during those student days many moons ago.

While this was our first time dining in this cosy Bengali and Indian restaurant – which, tellingly, was extremely popular even on a Wednesday evening – it certainly won't be our last.

On entering Voujon, which has a private dining room to the rear, we couldn't help but immediately take to the light, modern decor and intimacy of the restaurant.

It helps create a comfortable, yet elegant, environment to enjoy a meal and, judging by the volume of customers who came through the doors after us, we weren't alone in our thinking.

And that's before we get to the food.

In business since 2005, Voujon prides itself on serving classics such as Rhogan Josh and Madras, to special dishes like Katmandu Chicken Delicacy, and has plentiful options, whether you're vegetarian, a meat lover or after something fishy.

Given the number of starters and main courses that were tantalising to the taste buds, the arrival of poppadoms and a chutney and pickles tray, beautifully presented and bursting with favour, was timely as we decided what to order.

Reckoning she's a chicken pakora connoisseur, Gemma opted for one of her favourites to start, while I was intrigued by the meat samosas; deep fried savoury pastries with minced lamb, a special sauce and salad.

Now, while I would love to be able to tell you exactly what the sauce was, the truth is, I can't.

But what I do know is that it was a fine accompaniment to incredibly light, crispy samosas that contained enough of a kick inside without the taste of the meat being overpowered.

If that was a thumbs up from me, it was even more so from my better half, who declared her pakora as "one of the best I've ever had", with praise especially given to the size of the dish, the moist meat and crispy batter on the outside.

Having had an ideal amount of time to let our entrées digest, our main courses arrived, together with pilau rice and a side of tandoori roti bread – baked to the letter – for sauce-dipping purposes.

A curry classic, chicken shahi kurma – chicken korma, to commoners like me – was ordered by Gemma, while I chose lamb once more, this time in a pasanda.

As soon as they were brought out by the helpful, diligent and friendly staff – for whom nothing was too much trouble – both of us were keen to eat, before the food had even been placed on our table.

And, when we had our first bite, our hopes that it would taste as good as the dishes looked were confirmed.

A sauce full of aroma and flavour flowed beautifully beside my lamb, which was both tender and exceptionally satisfying.

Opposite me, the korma was going down a storm; a very creamy sauce, which wasn't too rich, married up with succulent chicken and fluffy rice to give a mouthful of flavour that was declared "10 out of 10".

As ratings go, there's not much else that needs said.

By this point, our bellies were full and content, so the fact we skipped pudding – a rarity – is proof that you'll not go hungry or feel unsatisfied at Voujon, which, for us, ticked all the boxes when it came to taste, comfort and value.

Voujon themselves say that eating wonderful food, that is beautifully presented and served in relaxing surroundings, is one of life's great pleasures.

That it is. And, in only a hop, skip and a jump over the Forth, before just a short jaunt away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of our capital, there's a hidden gem providing it.

Enjoy the magic.

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