Navigating our transport system, wondering why we eat crisps for lunch and working out Scottish accents are all things the new group of exchange students in Dunfermline are trying to wrap their heads around as they embark on a year abroad!

They’ve come from Sicily, Germany, Florida, The Netherlands and Switzerland to study at Dunfermline High School to spend a year enriching themselves in Scottish culture.

Some have come to improve their English while others hope they can decide what they might to do in the future as they look to new horizons, but they can all agree that West Fife is one of the most friendliest and beautiful places they’ve been.

Carla Solina, Natasha Faber, Vera Schupbach, Elske Algra and Rafael Salazar have all joined S6 and while all the girls have come as part of the InterStudies programme, Rafael has moved from Miami to Dunfermline with his family.

Speaking to the Press about their first impressions of life in Dunfermline, Elske, 17, said: “I find it weird that people eat crisps for lunch!”

Natasha added: “Yes the food is delicious but it’s very fatty!”

Carla said: “Being from Sicily, food was the one thing I was worried about actually!”

Rafael said: “My bus was 20 minutes late and I’m still mad about that! But the people are very friendly. “

Vera added: “Yes, everyone is very helpful and I love seeing the nature and views. It's sometimes hard to understand what people are saying though!”

Cara said: “I miss my friends and family but that’s because I want to tell them all about Scotland! I think the school system is great and you can focus more on what you like.”