SPEEDING drivers have forced a Dunfermline resident to move home after growing “fed-up” of cars racing down his street.

The Press reported previously that police were stopping cars travelling at excessive speeds down Arthur Street in recent months.

Ian Anderson alerted the Press to the problem at the start of September and one of his neighbours has since left the street.

Mr Anderson has lived there for 11 years and feels the issue is the “worst it’s ever been”, spotting one car being clocked at 58mph despite the 20mph limit in place.

He said: “Cars are flying down there. It’s shocking.

“I’m not at all surprised to hear police have stopped the amount of people they have.”

Community police officers stopped 38 drivers on August 28 during a two-hour period.

They have continued to monitor Arthur Street, giving corrective advice to motorists.

A statement on the Dunfermline Police Twitter account said a “big improvement” had been made after another community speedwatch last Wednesday, September 25.

They posted: “Big improvement on Arthur Street, Dunfermline. Seven drivers were given corrective advice about their speed. Still work to be done though.”

They had stopped 19 cars the week before, deeming the speeds to be “unacceptable”.