EXCITING plans are taking shape to build a new future for Dalgety Bay’s town centre.

A not-for-profit body has been set up by community volunteers to make positive changes for everyone in the Bay by carrying out projects for the common good.

Dalgety Community Trust has ambitious plans to develop and deliver priority projects which have a positive social, environmental and ultimately economic impact. These include: l Building a new multi-purpose, multi-generational community hub.

l Creating a new civic square.

l Developing an accessible pedestrian and cycleway linking the town centre directly to the coast through Longhill Park.

It’s expected these three projects will cost around £3 million.

The trust was established in July and will work in partnership with the community council, although they are two separate entities.

Trustee Brian Johnston said: “We need to invest in our facilities for all the generations and families and we are also aware that if we want it, we need to do it for ourselves.

“The community council recognised that if we want to make these things happen we needed to create a trust so that we could apply for grants and funding, so it’s grown from there.

“It’s a very unusual situation that the community council owns land but it’s part of the history of the town as it was built that it was donated this piece of land.

“The civic square is the first thing we’d like to do to get the momentum going but our biggest ambition is to create a community hub.

“We’ve been going out to the public since last September gathering people’s views and thoughts.

“Residents just don’t have a place to meet. The community centre is 45-years-old now and has just one room.

“We now have 10-12,000 people living here so the centre is just out of date.”

It’s hoped a civic square, which would be near to Louie Browns and the parish church, would provide space for events such as a farmers’ market or Christmas stalls.

A community hub would mean multiple groups would be able to use the facility and a better-pedestrianised route from the coast to the town centre would benefit both locals and visitors.

Brian added: “We believe these things will do a lot to bring people together.

“Dalgety Bay is always viewed as a new town but we now have fourth-generation families here and the town centre has been ignored.

“We need to remember Dalgety’s history goes back a lot longer than 54 years, and since we’ve started consulting with the community, we have found a lot of people have come out of the woodwork to share.

“Some have said we’re the first people they’ve spoken to in the town for two months so we have to create ways to bring people together.

“The community hub will stop social isolation and, as highlighted by the Press mental health campaign, the reality is we need to provide ways to support people.

“We’ve seen over the years facilities being taken away and I think that is why community spirit has been broken over the years.”

The trust is encouraging residents to sign up as members for free by visiting https://form.jotform.co/92274915029865