A CALL to create parking-free zones at Fife schools has been made.

Dunfermline South councillor James Calder asked if such a scheme could be looked at during last month’s meeting of Fife Council.

He said there were issues around parking outside most schools.

“While most parents do park responsibly there are a minority who do not,” he said. “This is primarily a danger for children but also can be inconsiderate to local residents.

“Other local authorities have taken on pilots looking into parking-free zones outside schools. I would urge the council administration to consider this as an idea.

“It is an issue I think we all as councillors get raised by both concerned parents that are concerned about the safety of their children going to school and also by residents who live next to schools as well. “ SNP councillor John Beare said efforts had been ongoing to alleviate parking issues around schools.

“The council over many years has sought to encourage behaviour change around Fife’s primary schools through the development of school travel plans with a view to reducing parking and encouraging walking and cycling,” he said.

“Our aim is to encourage schoolchildren to learn lifelong skills that will encourage them to walk and cycle and ultimately lead healthier lifestyles.

“We want to increase pupil safety by promoting alternatives to driving pupils to the school gates.

“In terms of the Edinburgh and Lothian pilots, we appreciate that they have considered such an initiative within their congested urban environments. We will continue to review the outcomes of these pilots and work with Fife schools to address local issues.”