WEST FIFERS have been urged to pick up their litter after four baby hedgehogs were found in a nest made purely of plastic.

Forth Hedgehog Hospital in Rosyth came to the rescue when homeowners pulling down a huge shed came across the two-week-old babies.

The discovery shocked animal rescuer Nadia Al-Dujali, who believes their mum abandoned them after they were disturbed.

She said: "This is the effect we are having on our wildlife. It really makes me feel sick and I actually had tears in my eyes as I scrapped around among the crisp packets, plastic wrapping, bags and other random things.

"The little ones were cold and calling out their high-pitched squeaks. They were very distressed.

"Please people, put your rubbish in the bin!

"This is a very powerful message of how things are these days – the effect we are having on the planet and wildlife.

"Habitat destruction is one of the major problems facing hedgehogs and their decline."

Hedgehog nests should be constructed from grass, twigs and leaves but, for Nadia, it is becoming more common to see hogs utilising rubbish.

However, she has never seen a nest made out of plastic on such a scale.

Nadia added: "I was just shocked at how much there was in this incident.

"They will start preparing for hibernation soon and if they use plastic they won't survive.

"I would encourage people to make their gardens too tidy so they can pick up materials.

"They're also eating a lot at the moment so you can leave out dog and cat food or kitten biscuits."