ROSYTH Civil Service Sports Club (CSSC) is still open for business despite rumours it was to close.

Committee member Jeanette Barr confirmed that there are no plans to close the facility at Castle Road but a review of the club was taking place.

She said: “CSSC is doing a business study at the moment. Once they do that, we will see how we will go forward.

“CSSC is carrying out a big review this year of all clubs across the country and I think that is where rumours have come from.

“We will get the results of the study soon and then we’ll know exactly what’s happening.”

The Civil Service Club is currently open from Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Wendy Eley, director of strategic development and HR at CSSC Sports & Leisure, said: “The Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC) is a national membership organisation that provides sports and leisure opportunities and benefits for civil servants, the Armed Forces and public sector bodies.

“The CSSC Rosyth club, which offers a variety of sports and club facilities, is currently undergoing an independent review to identify options for its future.

“This review is nearing completion and the options will then be explored in depth before any decision is taken.

“CSSC is very keen to secure the club’s future for its members.”