A MAN who bit off part of someone’s else ear during a fight outside a Dunfermline pub has been placed on a restriction of liberty order.

The victim had confronted Ross Keir following an unprovoked attack on a barman.

This escalated into a fight and Keir bit the man’s ear as he held him in a headlock outside Monty's Bar in Guildhall Street.

The incident happened two and a half years ago and Keir was originally placed on a community payback order but this was not completed.

After the initial sentencing, he spent a long period in hospital after breaking both legs.

Keir, 31, formerly of Alexander Road, Glenrothes and latterly of Segal House, Dunfermline, appeared for sentencing again at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He had admitted that on February 12, 2017 at Monty’s, Guildhall Street, he assaulted a barman in the course of his employment by punching him on the face.

He also admitted that in Guildhall Street he assaulted another man by biting his ear, causing a part of it to detach, to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Depute fiscal Sarah Lumsden previously told the court that at around 10.40pm the barman saw a male he had previously barred.

This person, who was accompanied by Keir, was told he was not being served and was escorted to the door.

Keir appeared at the door of the pub and punched the barman on the face.

A customer, standing outside, saw this and confronted him about the assault.

CCTV video showed the customer kicking out at Keir before the two started struggling on the pavement.

Other customers lifted Keir up and he had the man in a headlock before he then bit his ear. The victim could be seen on the CCTV video holding his ear after the assault.

“The top part of his ear was bitten off,” added the depute. “There was a 1.5cm sized piece missing and he will be permanently disfigured.”

Sheriff Craig McSherry imposed a six-month restriction of liberty order.